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Modernizing from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX is the platform of choice when it comes to easily transforming Oracle Forms applications into modern web applications. The same stored procedures and PL /SQL packages work natively in APEX, making development a breeze. Learn more about the benefits of Oracle APEX as Oracle Forms successor here.

We are an exclusive Partner for PITSS in the business area of Oracle Forms & Reports modernization. We can help you from start to finish of your migration process. With this partnership and our services you gain the following benefits:

  • With PITSS.CON With PITSS.CON, you get an all-in-one platform for legacy code analysis and transformation that helps you reduce migration costs and minimize risks.
  • You work with a team that has experience with Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX, understands the key differences, and helps you transition between the two systems.
  • We can help you train your development team to become more familiar with Oracle APEX.
  • We can help you modernize your processes and increase user productivity by taking advantage of the modern web application components integrated with Oracle APEX.

Based on the PITSS Forms to APEX modernization methodology, we carry out the migration project in the following steps:

  • Together with you, we perform a complete analysis of your existing solutions using a combination of automated procedures and code reviews.
  • Based on the analysis we prepare the migration, perform refactoring, adapt the design and plan the migration process.
  • We use Forms2APEX Modeler to prepare your legacy application for migration.
  • Our Oracle APEX experts use established development best practices to complete the migration by finalizing and creating Oracle APEX pages.
  • Using our proven quality assurance process, we test and optimize the delivered solutions and support the roll-out process.

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